The sound design of products , some years ago, were predominantly limited in the attempt to reduce noise emissions, and today the demand calls for a comprehensive Design, which exerts influence equally among identity, functionality and acceptance.

Here we would like to make a contribution through the development of strategies to discover weak points and through organization of the acoustic appearances for the ability of your product to succeed in the market.

We offer sound design in addition to all the ranges of the technical monitoring from plants, in hospitals, in power stations, or during manufacturing inspections.
Within these ranges today one works still predominantly with only visual signals. This is seen as a company's advantage, but because less workers are needed, the workers are over-stressed by having to visually check and recheck instruments.

If acoustic alerts were integrated along with the visual alerts, the workers would be less over-burdened, and would be able to work more efficiently. The eyes and ears would be stressed in a balanced way, and that way the concentration of the workers will not be as lax.

So in essence we want to help reduce safety risks.