Projects 1999-2006:
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
    Development of an acoustic blind guidance system
  • Daimler Benz Aerospace AG
    Communication Design in co-operation with the Design Laboratory Bremerhaven for the project BEOS
  • Innovation of Bremen agency, Business Communication International
    Development of a prototype acoustic representation for a firm
  • Senator for economics, Bremen
    Acoustic Web Design for of Bremen the city information system and the application of the state wideband network
  • MORE EUREXCTER/forum times of the CITY
    EXPO 2000 presentation
  • Senator for building and environment, Bremen
    “SIRIUS C”
    Projektmanagement and sound compositions for the project EXPO 2000 “CITY AT the RIVER”

  • Firm anniversaries:
    125 years Continental AG
    125 years German bank Bremen
    100 years Castrol


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