Soundscapes were developed with the aim to replace unspecific background music with sounddesign in in all fields of product presentation.
Studies by Forrester Research already in the year 2001 which were carried out at french and american shopping malls, showed clearly that 67% of the customers feel bothered and haunted from being exposed to this type of audio wallpapers.

Soundscapes are specifically developed to fulfill marketing and presentation strategies and offer the opportunity to create individual presentation spaces for products comprehending a high recognition value. This is accomplished by a team of experienced sound designers who rest upon newest psycho-acoustic research and customer opinion polls.

Soundscapes can be effectively used to create topic zones evoking different experiences, that open up new dimensions in environment design. (acoustic virtual architecture)

In order to deliver true 3D sound perception, we developed a solution that goes beyond the limitations of common practice.

While a Dolby® Surround environment more or less is only capable of reproducing the horizontal level and doesn´t allow the listener to move too much out of the hot-spot, our solution gives you a true 3D sound experience.

Behind that is a technique that comprises basically three stages of mixing and encoding:

1. Dolby® Surround mix

2. Dolby® Virtual Speaker encoding

Dolby® Virtual Speaker technology provides a true-to-life 5.1 channel sound experience from just two speakers.

3. Dolby® Virtual Speaker + Bottom Line mix

The audio example below just gives you an impression about the difference between Stereo and Dolby® VS. The full 3D-Sound is available as MLP lossless encoded DVD-Audio. This composition was developed for a rest space in the entrance hall of the HavenHööft shopping mall in Bremen and was presented within an array of plants and trees.