Waiting makes people impatient.

In particular waiting on the telephone for the right connection produces aggression against the "time thief." The goal of this project is to transform this situation into a pleasing "time-out" or even a great experience.

Here, three aspects step into the foreground:

The soundscape should be directly made for the telephone, whose acoustic bandwidth is limited to 3000 Hz. Only in this frequency spectrum can the goal of a pleasant experience be achieved.

Playing a normal CD offers no serious alternative, because the weak output system of the telephone suppresses to the music up to 70%.
The music then changes into noise.

The voice and not the word content, creates the crucial feelings of acceptance or displeasure. Just the individual and authentic sounds transmit far more information than all other components.
Therefore we select the solution, which produces the best results on the telephone by recording actual company representatives to meet the natural tone of your company.

We arrange the time-shortening by mixing well-known and not-so-well-known compositions, which provokes anticipation and provides at the same time surprises. During the transition from the known to unknown piece of music, of the unexpected one produces an instantaneus "the moment" experience, which shortens time in a pleasant way.
Be it that we send time-appropriate messages of your company or provide the feeding stock to the caller for his/her fantasy.
In each case the good dramatic compositions create a positive image of your company.

The waiting sounds on the telephone hold system we create depending upon the size of your company and your demand as the following:

  • Mini package for the answering set with your voice and when desired with changing texts
  • Mid-package for telephone systems, which switches directly into a waiting loop, with a 30-minute
    Composition of sounds, voices and variable texts
  • Max-package for large telephone systems, which work with prompted user switching, before they switch to the waiting loop. Here there are no borders the organization of the system.

The waiting loop can begin directly with the animation and switch to arbitrary messages - even small modular radio shows-.
From these, a composition of sounds, voices and changing texts is developed.