We offer the full service to you as partners for the implementation of your goals at hand.
  • Project development

    - Conceptional development of complex topic events
    - Media consultation
    - Expiration/dramaturgy
    - PR-management

  • Service

    - Guest support/transport, accommodation
    - Moderators, host meal, Models
    - Decoration
    - Catering
    - Meeting technology

  • Content

    - Stage shows and Events with international artists
    - Gobo/laser projections/Waterscreens
    - Front projection/Architectural Lighting
    - Video production/PR-video, documentation, video clips, TV-production
    - Slide AV
    - Tone productions
    - fixed media technology
    - Smell marketing
    - Multimedia


125 years Continental AG

Large business-theater with many play areas.
The integration of the prominent speakers into the storyline allows the meeting to appear more entertaining. The action is implemented with professional actors and makes a more stringent possible time direction.
The theater scenes connect sense-due the specified films and multimedia shows, through the possibility that will combine the public into the action, so that wide-spread attention can be reached.
The Event was awarded the “master of excellence“ award.

125 years German Bank Bremen

A dance through time.
The event was conceived as multimedia time theater.
Five parallel action strands fascinated the public.
All portrayals went on at the same time.
On the stage a dance ensemble led the public through the epochs. The show was supported by suitable costumes and music.
The appearance was overlaid by a listening experience: Concise voices and sounds were passed on.
On three canvases above the stage a screen showed additionally three shows: The history of money, the locations and of the institute itself.

100 years Castrol

An anniversary with substantial external effect. For this date a public-effective action was developed by the workers: Castrol lubricates Hamburg. Several teams in uniform company pairs of overalls checked the engine oil level for parking lots in front of shopping centers etc. and supplemented the levels free of charge, if necessary. The places and times where this was to be done was advertized on billboards and as television commercials. The action was filmed by camera teams, interviews were promptly done and the anniversary celebration was already prepared the night before the public became involved. Additionally small artists provided for the appropriate framework.

125 years Frerichs Glass

Cost-conscious anniversary solution for the middle class.
A combination of two causes: The company anniversary and the conception of a new logo.
A suitable stage show creates emotion and sympathy and „breaks the ice.“
The presentation of the production had taken over a visionaire management consultant, so that a clearly increased attention level, particularly in the media, was reached.
Even with a small budget, the appropriate appreciation of the event by the professional implementation is reached.
The following celebration strengthens the affiliation feeling of the coworkers and increases their motivation. Particularly when relatives are invited.